Up and running

As of this morning I’ve officially launched my first WordPress plugin: Simply Static.

To be honest, it’s launching a bit sooner than I’d anticipated. I put in the request late Sunday night, and at that point there were 80 plugins in the queue. 30 of which were awaiting their initial review. I was expecting that it would take them a week to get to my submission. Instead, at noon the next day my submission was approved.

I had been planning to use that week to get a basic marketing page up for Simply Static. That didn’t happen. But hey, the lack of a marketing page doesn’t prevent people from using the plugin. Just f#%&ing ship, right? So I posted my plugin anyway.

Speaking of which, if you are using Simply Static, I’d really like to hear from you. Yes, you. Hit me up at scott@codeofconduct.co.

Now that my plugin has launched, my todo list involves a lot of writing. I mapped out some very clear use cases for the plugin when I created it, but they’re not written down anywhere. So I want to create a tutorial or three, and then there’s also the marketing page I’d mentioned.

I also want to keep updating the blog as I go — a sort of Captain’s Log of my adventure with entrepreneurship. We’ll see if I can stick to it!